What Does It Take To Find Jobs Online?

When finding a job becomes a second job, at times it seems it would take forever to land that next job. Well, finding a new job may not be that hard if you have the right job skills and communication skills but you don't want to land a lousy job that does not interest you or coincide with your specialized skill set - such a job would be boring and a disaster. What you want is a challenging and rewarding job with promising growth prospects and job satisfaction that would not prompt you to look for another job anytime soon. If you don't love what you are asked to do at your job, you have essentially landed a wrong job! Unfortunately, this is a bitter truth with many people. But there is hardly any spare time left to learn new things or upgrade your skill set while you are doing a job search full time and especially if you don't have much help or short on resources. When the time comes to search for their next job, job seekers spend more time on updating and polishing their resume than learning and adding new skills to make themselves stand out from the pile.
How to find jobs?

Updating your resume should be an ongoing process as you advance in your career even if you are employed and not looking for a new assignment. It is much easier to keep updating and refreshing your resume this way incrementally than doing it at the end of the current assignment and beginning of a new job hunt when you should be spending that time in finding a decent job. Times have changed and the world has become smaller compared to what they used to be 20 years ago when finding a job meant typing out that resume on paper, carrying several copies with us and killing trees. Online job boards, user groups, home-pages, E-books, Podcasts, streaming media, blogs, smart phones, tablets, apps, video chat, voice chat, social networking, cloud computing… Oh, my! What's next? There is a new technology that makes a major difference in our lives every year.

Browsing through online job boards and applying to posted jobs that interest you do not help you much with your task of finding your next job. Research shows that Job Seekers are over 27% more likely to being found and contacted by employers when they create a profile and post their resume online. Just as you may be "searching" for a job without posting your resume, there are some employers who are "searching" for their perfect candidate without posting their jobs for various reasons - classified information, competition, confidential hiring, project deadlines, current internal employee situations, etc. Well, I guess I've made my point - it takes not only searching for a job actively but also posting your resume online proactively to being found, contacted and landing your dream job.

Jobmatic™ Job Board & Career Network offers you awesome features to find jobs, post resume, participate in career networking (Forums, Groups, Blogs, Articles, etc) - you can even create your own Blog or Group, post unlimited entries and build your online presence and personal branding. You can participate in our vibrant Forums - ask questions as a newbie, answer questions as an expert, share your knowledge, wisdom and build your reputation. To be notified of new job postings, you could:
​We offer all of these features - plus many more to list here - free. If you have a smart device, using these features becomes even easier

So, do not wait - just go ahead and POST YOUR RESUME NOW!! You can even create a Video Resume, upload it onto YouTube and place (embed) its link on your Jobmatic Resume to make it interactive and impress the Employers, instantly. Need some hints on how to create a Video Resume? Here are some ideas (you could actually create and upload your video - all from your smartphone, tablet or computer):

Here is an awesome, short-n-sweet Video Resume by Emily:


Here is a funny one by David:

10 Video Resume Mistakes (don'ts) from Tom:

More ideas:

And do not forget to create your own BLOG or SOCIAL-GROUP. It does not have to be perfect - but it's a start.

Just embrace the technology and you'll be glad you did.
Got it?? Now go do it...

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