Report a Job or Resume

At, we have ZERO-TOLERANCE for scam and spam!

Posting scam jobs/resumes such as work from home, data entry, MLM, etc. or jobs that require job seekers to pay or employers who send checks to job seekers to deposit in their banks for buying equipment or donations to charity or otherwise will result in suspension/deletion of such listings as well as accounts and products purchased without notice and will not be allowed to consume any unused job slots or other purchases.

If a user's account or listings are suspended/deleted due to such misconduct, StaffEx/Jobmatic shall disable their account, postings and all purchases and does not refund any money or allow the user to use their account or consume the products purchased. There are NO REFUNDS or PRORATES under any circumstances, whatsoever.

Users are advised to exercise extreme caution while interacting with other users, not to furnish any sensitive or personal info or financial data or passwords or pay any employer for anything or communicate with anyone wanting to interview you on Google Hangouts or other chatting apps or cash any checks sent by employers to purchase equipment, etc. because they are very likely to bounce after you send the money to the poster from the proceeds of the check - resulting in debit to your account.

Please report any suspicious activity using our Contact Form in the footer and furnish the following info and we'll take it from there:

  • Link to the Job or Resume detail page
  • Job or Resume ID
  • Job or Resume Title
  • Job or Resume Description
  • Employer or Job Seeker Name
  • any other info you could gather from the Job/Resume detail page and Company Profile page (link found on job detail page) and why you think it is scam.


Stay alert and stay safe!


The Team