What Are Some Salary Negotiation Techniques?

If you’re being interviewed for a full-time position, don’t bring it up in the beginning - keep it for later. However, contract positions do not have this decency and tend to discuss the rate upfront.

What Are Some Salary Negotiation Techniques?

Never disclose your figure!! Ask them how much they are looking to pay for the position.

Some recruiters are pushy. Say, "I can consider any reasonable offer".

If they still push, say "I’m flexible!?"

If they keep pushing, ask for a complete Job Description first. Furnish your detailed resume. Then ask:

"By now, you’ve seen my resume. How much do you think I’m worth to the company?"

"By now, you’ve seen my resume. You are in a better position to say how much I'm worth to you!"

The key is – be diplomatic (not: desperate) and confident and never reveal your figure first. Your confidence in yourself will give them the confidence that you are the right candidate and that they are making the right decision. Always get them to come up with a figure. Act as though it is not the only job you have in the pipeline. Say you are under some pressure to consider other offers, as well. People always want those who are sought out by others.

ALWAYS - bargain with their figure and just don't take whatever is thrown at you - even if they don't budge, that's fine. It' human tendency - we get a buyer's remorse when the other party accepts too easily. We start wondering if we made the right decision, offered too much or got into a sucker's bargain. However, when we negotiate a bit, a recruiter's confidence in the hiring decision gets validated and reinforced.

Start learning the Art of Negotiation now - it applies to everything in life - job market, stock market, investing market, dating/marriage market, family, school, etc.

The above should help you deal with the situation with grace and tact.