New Job - New Assignment - First Day - Excitement

I just happened to read an article on Yahoo that said to do something similar on these lines on the first day on a new job:

"Learn everyone’s name. Shake their hand, introduce yourself, let them know that you’re the new (insert position) and that you’re EXCITED to be working with them"

New Job

Well, that's the dumbest thing to say on your part - if you ask me. If anything, the "company" and its "people" should be EXCITED to have YOU join them - not the other way around. They hired you because you are the best. They should be excited about you. There is no reason for you to be excited about them.

Even if someone asks you, "Are you excited?" - don't be afraid to say politely, "Well, you should be excited about me!".

Be smart - not dumb.
Diplomatic - not desperate.


Takeaway: If you are good at something, never give it for free!