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Zomaron is one of Western Canada’s leading outsource marketing and sales firms. We represent some of Canada’s most reputable brands in business. 

We offer our clients one thing few companies can, a guaranteed return on investment. We are paid based on the number of customers we acquire. We uphold a standard of professionalism and integrity, thus raising our clients image and their reputation. 

Another reason our clients have raved about our accomplishments for them is that we do everything face to face. This means we will never use telemarketing, direct mail or any other form of impersonal marketing techniques in order to represent them. This gives their customers personal and customized experiences, where we can really focus on the message our clients want us to deliver. 


Zomaron is looking for competitive, sports-minded individuals! The right person will love the thrill of a challenge, the excitement of working in a team, and the drive of tackling new marketing campaigns. 

Candidates with the ability to think strategically and proactively; candidates who possess sports experience as well as excel in a fast, high-pressure environment, have the best chance of succeeding in our organization and growing into a management role. 

**Management Training for Competitive Individuals!** 


> Drive to Succeed 
> Professionalism 
> Customer Service Skills 
> Leadership skills 
> Communications Skills 
> Interpersonal Skills 

If you feel you can meet the requirements and possess the qualifications, than please send an email with your resume attached A member from our human resource team will contact you within 3 business days to arrange a formal interview session. 

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