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Shaw Systems Assoc., Inc.

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Shaw Systems has been a pioneer in automating the lending industry since 1967. Over 300 clients in eight countries have benefited from using our software products. We provide complete solutions for loan and lease servicing and collections and recovery.

Our integrated solutions leverage existing applications to provide automation and flexibility while lowering costs. Shaw clients work smarter across all portfolios and manage customer-centric relationships and decisions.

North America's top financial institutions, including a vast number of auto finance leaders, use Shaw products and services. Our client base includes banks, captive finance companies, credit unions, and specialty lenders.

  • Delivering Exceptional Products for Over 40 Years
  • Serving the Largest Banks and Finance Companies
  • Solutions Deployed on Over 100,000 Desktops
  • Supporting Over $300 Billion in Assets on Shaw Software
  • Vast Auto Finance Expertise and Capabilities
  • Industry Leadership with World-Class Products
  • Expert Management and Technology Consulting Division
  • Exceptional Product Value and Comprehensive Support

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