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More than the typical legal staffing firm or search engine, our process, industry knowledge and insight, and guarantees put us in the unique position to find you the right candidate or position – the first time.


  1. By serving as your “agent” in the marketplace, identifying positions, understanding your personal goals, and helping you work the way you choose.  We search for the right fit and allow you to focus on your craft while we identify opportunities and taking care of time consuming tasks during the interview process.
  2. Make the best possible choices for a long term satisfying career.
  3. Gain market intelligence in areas including pay, work-life balance, cultural trends in law firms and corporate legal departments, etc.
  4. By providing career planning and resume and interview coaching free of charge.

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  1. Save time and money in the hiring process through a more thorough screening process and improved retention.
  2. Gain access to passive candidates that are not actively looking to make a move that they would not have access to through advertising or even other recruiting firms.
  3. With broad-based market insights and a variety of customizable approaches that assist them in improving productivity, revenue and profitability.
  4. With our consulting services in the areas of compensation, improving retention and recruiting/screening.

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We guarantee both the process and our results for our clients with money back guarantees. We guarantee that we will save you time in filling open positions and then guarantee any direct hire placement for a year. Call 303.534.TLSS (8577) for details.

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Targeted Legal Staffing Solutions is continuing to grow and expand to new markets. We are always interested in talented people to join our team.