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Titan Technologies

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Titan Technologies is a fast growing provider of Information Technology Consulting services, IT Infrastructure Management Solutions, ERP IT Systems Integration, Custom Application Development Outsourcing Solutions, Mobile Application Technology Services, HR and Recruitment solution as SaaS Service Model for SME (Small to Medium Sized) Business across North America.We dedicate our years of experience in Information Technology consulting, Strategic I.T resourcing techniques, business process methodologies, technology innovation know-how, deep industry expertise and worldwide resources to work together with our customers to empower their businesses to become competitive in the global market space.

Our Value Proposition
We strive to delivery world class information technology services to our customers so that they can prosper and become competitive in the global market space and continue to focus on their customers, their core products and services using world class technology solutions that is needed to become a leader in their industry. We promise to deliver world class resources to empower their information technology human capital assets, so that they become enablers of their growth engine, and in their growth and success we become a valuable partner.

Our four Key Attributes for Client Success:

  • For our clients access to the best global IT human capital and intellectual assets, resulting¬†innovative technology solutions that can meet challenge presented by the global nature of the economy.
  • Dedicated to building deep, sustainable and long-term client relationships based on collaboration, mutual respect and quality.
  • A deep rooted culture of customer satisfaction, resulting in unique customer experience from engagement to engagement.
  • By delivering unique solutions for our customers that impact their ability to become agile and look like a Titian among their peers.