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In 2004, two leaders from the preneed profession came together to fulfill a shared vision to pre-arrange all families in a way that had never been seen before. Joined by their wives, Ane and Jenny, Mark Hornibrook and Bret Davis finalized the initial deal at the Davis’ kitchen table, creating a company that would offer an unrivaled proactive approach to advanced planning. Precoa was born.

With Mark’s funeral insurance expertise and Bret’s preneed marketing savvy, the company made rapid strides in developing its unique service features, known as ProActive Preneed®. Their innovation was fueled by a desire to create healing experiences for families throughout America. Meanwhile, a culture of kindness, progression, and craftsmanship was established early on throughout the company.

One of the original founders and head of strategic planning for the pioneering Forethought Life Insurance Company in 1984, Mark had helped set the standard for the large-scale preneed insurance market. Beginning with his time at Forethought, he designed and refined a number of groundbreaking insurance products and marketing programs that have since proliferated as a basis for today’s preneed.

Bret, meanwhile, had quickly established himself as a leader in sales, marketing, and development. After starting as an independent agent in 1990 for preneed marketing company Sierra Planning Group, he was named vice president of the company less than a year later. In this role he helped manage and grow Sierra Planning’s client base, which would ultimately include prominent names like Stewart Enterprises and the Keystone Group.

Mark and Bret crossed paths several times in their work before eventually uniting to discuss plans for the preneed company that would first be called Lincoln Heritage Funeral Planning and, ultimately, Precoa — the Preneed Company of America.

From our humble kitchen table beginnings, we at Precoa have grown steadily, expanding our resources and capabilities to strengthen our partnerships with leading funeral homes coast-to-coast. Today, we continue to pursue Mark and Bret’s vision with a purpose of enriching life through meaningful connection.