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New Era Staffing and HR Solutions

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New Era HR Solutions is a locally owned and managed HR solutions and HR consulting company. The company was formed in 2007 by combining a small, specialty staffing firm with an HR consulting practice to offer “sustainable employment opportunities for our employees by improving the business performance of our clients”.

This mission is the driving force behind our philosophy and our values.

Our Values

  • Organizations progress through the development of people
  • People develop through solid company leadership, plus well-designed and executed HR systems, policies, and training
  • We treat everyone with the fairness, dignity, and respect they deserve
  • We believe that improved business results come from improved business processes
  • We fix problems, not blame; learning is paramount
  • A victimless culture, rich in self-responsibility and accountability, will generate sustained improvement
  • Change is good
  • We focus on success and work that add value

We’re one of the leading staffing & HR consulting companies in the Seattle area, our team of expert is dedicated to your success. Whether you’re a job seeker looking for that next great career opportunity, or an employer in need of staffing & recruiting solutions, or HR consulting services, New Era HR Solutions has you covered.