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JDM Systems Consultants possesses nearly quarter-century standing as a benchmark provider of Integration and IT Solutions. This success story is attributed to the experience, dedication and expertise of its staff, and the exceptional ability to deliver end-to-end solutions from inception through implementation.

Our architectural approach is driven by our clients’ ultimate business solution, not the availability of a given package or product. Business Goals define our technology solutions; JDM’s solution architects' focus on business object associations and compatible technologies. The result are integrated, fully scalable, strategy-focused solutions.

JDM is strongly focused on Mobile Application Technologies. We employ to-tier tools, methodologies and practices in the creation of innovative solutions on all hand-held and embedded mobile platforms. JDM presents comprehensive solution consulting services to guide organizations as their mobile model evolves.

JDM’s focus is efficiency and flexibility in delivering significant returns on the investment and costs of your projects. We have proven time and again that our expertise, flexibility and people deliver unparalleled value to our extensive list of clients.