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Green Apple Cleaners

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Green Apple Cleaners – NYC’s Premier Non-Toxic Dry Cleaner specializing in Co2 and Wet cleaning. Green Apple is a Mission driven organization to provide simple, safe and effective alternative to the standard toxic dry cleaning methods used by 95% of the dry cleaners today. Simply put our Mission is:

 In all aspects of our unique process, Green Apple Cleaners makes every effort to reduce waste and eliminate the use of toxic chemicals.  Green Apple is the North East’s only CO2 Dry Cleaners utilizing pure and natural CO2 and Water to clean garments.

 The Cleaning process, however is only the beginning of Green Apple’s environmentally conscious mission. From complimentary pick up in the industry’s most fuel efficient vans, reusable garment bags that eliminate wasted paper and plastic – and specially formulated biodegradable plastics for when garment care calls for them, low impact marketing that uses only chlorine free post-consumer paper and soy inks to innovative reward program for recycling hangers, Green Apple Cleaners is The Cleaner Dry Cleaners.

Green Apple builds its reputation daily by servicing over 1,500 of New York City’s most prestigious building and through service at one of our 4 storefronts (New Jersey / Manhattan (2) / Brooklyn) or through the Valets we operate in two of New York’s TOP 10 most Luxurious properties – including New York by Gehry, 515 East 72st as well as William Beaver House and New York newest luxury condo at 50 West St.

Our Valet operations are Brand Extensions, not just in Luxury properties but also where Environmental Awareness is important to the building management and residents. Valet operations in Liberty Green Liberty Luxe show how we can service both markets simultaneously.  Green Apple also services a number of Preferred Buildings that are either LEED or LEED EB status with priority service, uniform cleaning and opportunities to quantify the effects of using our service over typical dry cleaners which has led to LEED points on EB conversions, some properties include: The Solaire, The Verdesian, The Vanguard Chelsea and The Visionaire.

Corporate Partners of Green Apple play an important part in helping care for the health and welfare of their employees and the environment. With progressive and environmentally responsible companies like Google, Loui Vuitton, Gucci, Cartier, Van Cleef and Christian Dior using our services either on-site for their employees’ clothes or for taking care of their employees uniforms care in sustainable, healthy ways – with our corporate partners together we continue to further our missions.   

Even out of town guests get the opportunity to experience the benefits of Green Apple Cleaners – through our Hotel Division we provide healthy, hypoallergenic linens to some NYC’s most sought after home away from homes including: The Phillips Club, The Aloft, The French Quarters, Smyth, 60 Soho and The Broome.