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With over than 25 years of experienced. The Professional Edge is a full service regional & national human resources, recruiting & placement management. When partnering with the Employer we specialize in the recruitment, screening & placement of exceptional safety & human resources management professionals. When partnering with the Career Seeker will specialize in retained searches. Our main focus & objective is to provide the best possible candidates and, economically streamline the hiring process and the fit. The right personality, attitude & work ethic in the right organization is our mission and commitment. It must be a “Fit” and a Win-Win for the benefit of both parties. To start the process a representative from the Professional Edge will spend time with the Employer to determine the culture of the organization and also obtain the qualifications, experience and education required for the open position. We then go to our databases, private networks & the market place to find a qualified candidate that has the right qualifications and experience, the right personality and the right work ethic to fit into the Employer’s organization. We then provide the client with prescreened, qualified & interviewed candidates for their review & consideration. There is no obligation or costs to review our resumes and there no fee unless the employer hires one of our candidates & then we charge an economical fee based on 25% of the first year annual salary of the candidate we place. Our candidates are also guaranteed for 2 years. If within the first 2 years of employment, the candidate is terminated for just-cause and/or resigns from the position. W\e will repeat the process and replace that candidate with another qualified candidate at no costs to the employer. Professional Edge candidates also undergo complete background checks,, their references are checked, past employment is verified, complete credit reports are obtained, and educational information is confirmed.