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CNC Operator

  • St Henry, OH 45883, USA
  • Sep 07, 2017
ID: 8014539 VIEWS: 2 Full time Manufacturing

Job Description

R & R FABRICATIONS, INC. St. Henry, Ohio
We are currently hiring qualified candidates for multiple first shift positions - primarily CNC machine operators but may be assigned to other machines or areas as needed. Candidates must have experience and a willingness to learn multiple manufacturing processes.

Responsibilities and Duties of the CNC Operator:
* Operate computer controlled routers. * Operate peripheral equipment such as saws, edge-banders, drills, etc. * Regular lifting of wood, plastic and other sheet material. * Requires full shift of standing, walking, bending and lifting. * Able to read, write and follow instructions. * Able to perform complicated and accurate setup of equipment. * Able to read measurements with various measurement tools.
* High school Diploma or GED required. * Experience with forklifts and material handling * Woodworking CNC Experience and programming is a plus * Previous Manufacturing Experience preferred * Must pass pre-employment drug test
We offer a competitive and comprehensive wage and benefit package.
Send your resume to: R & R Fabrications, Inc. - 601 E. Washington St. St. Henry, OH 45883

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