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Program Coordinator Alternative Care Facility (ACF) | Nursing Home

  • Jefferson Center for Mental Health
  • Colorado, USA
  • Oct 01, 2017
ID: 8250657 VIEWS: 2 Full time Health Care

Job Description


Supervision and oversight of behavioral Nursing Home Case Managers, Alternative Care Facility (ACF) Case Managers, and Family Care Case Managers. Provides oversight and liaising with Jefferson Center services for behavioral nursing home, ACF, and Family Care programs.


* Supervision of Nursing Home, ACF and Family Care Case Managers
* Documentation in timely manner within the standards of Jefferson Center
* Coordination of care with consumers and facility
* Court reports (27-65) within mandated timelines
* Hiring, Training, Performance Evaluations of supervisees
* Liaison for Jefferson Center with Nursing Home staff, ACF providers, and Family Care providers including quarterly psycho-education, training, and coordination meetings
* Training/education for staff (internal/external) as identified and appropriate
* Program oversight of Family Care program
* Facilitation of bi-weekly team meetings
* Budget/financial oversight of the program
* Provides program outcomes as appropriate to Jefferson Center mission and values
* Assist in 27-65 emergency procedures in facilities as needed
* Coordinate new referrals into ACFs, NH and Family Care placements with internal/external staff including Value Options, community agencies, and Jeffers Center staff
* Facilitate transitions of consumers into and out of ACFs, NH and Family Care placements
* Complete reports including ACF/NH follow-up reports to FBHP semi-annually or as indicated
* Knowledge of PASRR processes and facilitation of its linkage with mental health service delivery

Other Duties:

* Quality Control/Improvement for case management services/documentation
* Participation in scheduled Intensive and Center wide training and mandatory in-services
* Participate in assigned work groups/committees including team meetings, JCMH Management Team meeting, Intensive Network Management Team meeting, external work groups and team meetings
* Assist with on-site coverage at 29th Street building including managing crisis situations, building emergencies, and staff consultation.
* Participate in supervision by coming prepare with an agenda. Report high risk/problem cases, and utilize a problem solving approach/utilize feedback.
* Participation in Office of Behavioral Health (OBH) site review
* Program development/implementation to expand Evidence Based Practices
* Develop/maintain working relationship with OBH and HCPF as well as other community partners.
* Maintain effective interpersonal relations with consumers, peers, subordinates, upper management, visitors and the general public.
* Work cooperatively with other community agencies, as appropriate, and in agreement with supervisor.
* Volunteer to work on Center committees
* Knowledge/experience in trauma informed care and practices or willingness to obtain training/education on this
* Note: Employees are held accountable for all duties of this job. This job description is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all duties, responsibilities, or qualifications associated with the job.


* Masters Degree in related field (social work, counseling, etc.) required
* Licensure preferred
* CAC II or III preferred, but not required.
* Minimum of two years experience in program management or in direct supervision of staff is necessary for this position

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