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Surgical Technologist

  • Laser Spine Institute (LSI)
  • Cincinnati, OH, USA
  • Feb 07, 2018
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Job Description

Job Description:

Job Summary At Laser Spine Institute, our Surgical Technologists are responsible for preparing the operating room for a sterile procedure including equipment and instrumentation in our well-equipped, world-class operating rooms. Our Surgical Technologists will serve as a first assist to the surgeon during the assigned procedure while ensuring that sterility is maintained throughout the procedure to facilitate low infection rates and high patient satisfaction. The surgical tech is also responsible for reprocessing equipment, instrumentation, documentation of logs and cleaning the operating room. At Laser Spine Institute, we understand the importance of a Surgical Technologist who is both a highly skilled professional and a great team player. We pride ourselves on our loyalty and commitment to our Surg Techs. This is why we provide first-class benefits, growth potential, and a family-like work environment. Surgical Technologists at Laser Spine Institute are responsible for more than the critical partnerships they maintain with our surgeons and RNs to achieve optimal outcomes. They are also responsible for having fun, maintaining a positive work/life balance (no regularly scheduled nights or weekends!), acting with integrity in everything they do, and being part of a dynamic and first-class organization. To paraphrase our CEO, "Healthcare is serious business. It can also be fun business." Essential Functions - Duties & Responsibilities Tasks may include, but are not limited to the following: * Sterile room setup for the surgical procedure. * Scrubbing the surgical procedure with the surgeon. * Cleaning the operating room at the start of every day. * Cleaning operating rooms post-procedure and preparing the room for the next procedure. * Cleaning instruments post-procedure and re-sterilizing instrumentation once cleaned. * Suturing the incision closed. * Continually completing OR logs and other necessary documentation post-procedure. * Assists with and facilitates equipment repair. * Other duties as assigned. * Execute all duties in accordance with our CHOICE values: CARE * Treat others with unconditional respect, dignity and equality. * Acknowledge a need or concern by pausing from your task * Customize your approach when meeting with customers (i.e. sitting down at bedside when communicating with a patient.) * Always go that extra mile. * Anticipate the needs of others by providing support and assistance before being asked. HAVE FUN * Maintain a positive attitude. * Celebrate the success of your teammates. * Participate in teambuilding events. * Look for ways to make co-workers smile. * Encourage your teammates to meet their goals. ONE TEAM * Attend and actively participate in staff meetings. * Share information with coworkers to achieve team success. * Cooperate and build collaborative relationships with one another. * Encourage coworkers to develop their own skills and abilities. INTEGRITY * Behave ethically by demonstrating honesty, maintaining high standards and by always doing the right thing - even when nobody is looking. * Take ownership of mistakes without placing blame - apologize quickly. * Demonstrate reliability and responsibility. * Maintain confidentiality. * Meet deadlines and follow through on all commitments. COMMITMENT * Follow established patient, employee and "environment of care" safety policies and procedures. * Constantly work to improve job-related knowledge. * Promptly report and/or correct unsafe acts or conditions in the workplace. . * Provide education to department staff when applicable and necessary. EXCELLENCE * Consistently look for opportunities to exceed our customer's expectations by personalizing your approach. * Be on time. * Acknowledge a customer's presence immediately by making eye contact, smiling and introducing yourself. * Search for opportunities to improve processes. * Submit innovative ideas to improve the way we do business. * Actively pursue development goals and career objectives. Qualifications & Requirements Knowledge, Skills, Abilities: * Works as a team player while being detail-oriented. * Exceptional verbal and written communication skills * Proficient in computer skills and programs * Must be organized and work efficiently under pressure * Must be patient-focused and compassionate Required Qualifications: Education: * Associates degree and completion of an accredited surgical technologist program. * Completion of a 3 month extern program at a surgery center or hospital License/Certifications: * CPR Preferred Qualifications: License/Certifications: * Certified Surgical Technologist (CST) A CULTURE DESIGNED WITH YOU IN MIND: YOUR WELLNESS: Substantial, generous benefits program YOUR CAREER EVOLUTION: LSI University offers robust career expansion with continued learning opportunities and career advancement ladders YOUR TIME: Balance between your professional career and personal life YOUR ENVIRONMENT: LSI offers a resilient community culture where employee s

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